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  • SOLOTEX® is a material that provides a soft, stretchy texture with gentle cushioning and offers vivid colors advantages that could never be achieved with polyester, polyurethane, or nylon alone.

    The many superb characteristics of SOLOTEX® derive from its spring-like, helical molecular structure.

    The material is also easy to combine with other fibers, bringing out the characteristics of the other fiber while adding a new texture and new functionality.

  • SOLOTEX® is a fiber with unlimited potential to make textile products more comfortable to wear or use.


  • DELTAPEAK® The core technology to bring multi functions
  • DELTAPEAK® is the high balanced material that achieves a high level with three elements.

    The most ultimate knitting concept that combines physical properties, functionality, and texture at a high level.

    A highly balanced material that can be used in all sports clothing.

  • DELTAPEAK® offers new possibilities and high quality in every product development.

    Removing the limitaion of distortions, DELTAPEAK® can achieve a dense and flat surface with high bulkiness knitting fabric.

  • DELTAPEAK® gives possibility to develop well-balanced knitted fabr